Videography – How does music affect what we see?


What I love most about being a videographer is that it forces me to be creative. Creativity embodies a lot of my own personal values. Open-mindedness. The willingness to create change. Finding beauty in the mundane. 

What makes videography so creative are the elements that work together that create the overall feeling and story within each video. Whether you know about them or not, there are elements within every video that mould and shape the way you interpret that video. The feelings you feel and the thoughts you think when watching something have been triggered by an unconscious reaction to the things your eyes are seeing and your ears are hearing.

Let me give you an example.

Have you ever paid attention to how music can change the way you feel?

In this example, you will watch 2 videos. Each video is composed of the exact same visuals (camera shots).  Even the characters’ lines and the way they say them is exactly the same. The only thing that is different is the music.

Let me guess. Video #1 made you feel a little uneasy. Uncertain. Maybe uncomfortable. Perhaps even a little anxious.

On the other hand, video #2 probably made you smile, maybe even made you laugh a little. You felt a little happier perhaps.

Music choice is a huge consideration when creating videos. Sometimes music can make or break a great video. The speed of the music. The pitch and tone. The instruments used. These little things all play a part in making the final video look and feel the way you want it to…and ultimately making your audience feel and think a certain way.

This can be useful when you are making a video about yourself, or your brand, or your products and services. You want to be able to control the way people think and feel when they see a video that you are putting in front of them.

At Moonset Media, audio and music tracks are intentionally considered for each and every video we produce. Using a licenced subscription-based database to discover world-class composers, artists and bands, we find the perfect track that will take a good video to the next level, and make it a great video.

The 2 videos in this blog are not created or owned by Brisbane Platinum Partners or Moonset Media and are copyright to the original owners.

For further insights into the elements of video, keep an eye out for future blog posts by Craig Burns from Moonset Media.

By Craig Burns, Moonset Media

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