Sponsors & Partners

Brisbane Platinum Partners gratefully acknowledges the important contribution of our sponsors who provide their expertise to significantly contribute to our business success and professional development of our members.

Introducing our Sponsors

CKP Creative

Brisbane Platinum Partners is extremely fortunate to have the expertise of CKP Creative. Stuart George and his team have done a fantastic job in creating a dynamic website to attract new visitors and build our online presence.

CKP Creative helped businesses launch, grow and scale for the past 20 years, working with SMEs throughout Australia, and overseas. They help businesses evolve and grow by designing and developing their Online Presence + Digital Solutions; Websites, Productivity, content and beyond. Nurturing growth is what drives us.

CKP was originally founded in 1998 rapidly evolved from a corporate entertainment company to a digital content creation service offering Music Technology Audio, Video and Photography. In the early 2000s CKP added web design and development to our core, this has now allowed us to grow into the full Creative agency we are today. Growing from a sole trader through to a company with 10 staff now with over 20 years in business we truly understand the journey and support the businesses need to grow and evolve in all economic climates.

Core Services: Website Creation, Web Design and Development, Branding, Content Creation, Digital Tools and Digital Solutions.

For more information contact www.ckpcreative.com.au