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Adriana Summers

Backtobasics Communication Services

Category: Content Marketing Communications

Adriana’s Story:

I have always enjoyed learning about new industries, people and communities to understand what makes them tick. Discovering these stories is one of the major benefits of working in marketing. Sharing innovative products or solutions to help solve problem or create fantastic experiences and products is what I love best. My role is to help you tell your story and grow your business. I’ll work with you to determine your unique selling points, develop a tailored strategy and implement cost effective marketing activities to build your brand both online and offline. After 20 years working both inhouse and as an external marketing consultant for government and private companies, as well as public relations consultancies in Brisbane and Sydney, I took a leap of faith and started up my own business. In 2013, I founded BacktoBasics Communication Services to help businesses develop solid foundations to build their business brand, and access affordable strategic marketing advice. With a bank of knowledge spanning diverse industries including property, technology, finance, insurance, retail, health, and tourism, I have a good handle on issues and effective strategies to reach and engage audiences in these areas. Happy to discuss your marketing needs with a FREE consultation.

Core services include: development of marketing plans, social media management, traditional media campaigns and copywriting for websites, newsletters and brochures.

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